Monday, March 29, 2010

Our area is on fire

So, here we go. I am still in Tana and Elder Horn is still my companion and I am so glad. Nope, no moving for either of us. We are the only companionship in the whole mission to not get transferred or split up. To answer a question : Yes we eat at members and investigators houses quite a bit. Not as much as I would like - ha! - but enough to help out the old wallet. The food is usually top-rate and delicious. Would it be delicious without the fervent prayer that I say to myself just before? Probably. The set-up ranges from full on full-course meals to rice and leaves. I honestly love every single thing I eat at peoples houses. The events where people feed us and we give a spiritual thought are called 'soirees'. They are always very enjoyable. Silverware...well we always have at least a spoon.

No I haven't yet gotten my first package. Wasn't it sent about a month ago? If so then I still won't receive it for at least a month. Things take quite some time to travel here. On the subject of sending things - my SD card will begin its journey home next P-Day.

So, about this whole mission is amazing! Our area has been on fire this past week and it has been such an incredible joy. Every lesson seems like it is amazing and the Spirit rarely gets on oppurtunty to not be on max. I really have no clue why there has been this rise in success.

The baptism we had this Saturday was really good. The Malagasy sisters in our ward have been doing some pretty amazing work with their investigators. Horn baptized four members of a family which the sisters taught. I was supposed to baptize a man but he didn't ended up not showing up. A little bit of a bummer for me, but a major bummer for the sisters. Hopefully everything will be sorted out soon enough and he can be baptized soon.

We have this one family that is aboslutely out of this world. The parents are named Eric and Vola and they have three kids. They are some of the poorest people that we teach - making about 3 to 4 dollars a week for the whole family. But despite their lack of material goods, they are so extremely thankful for what they have. The wife has given up coffee and paraky (chewing tobacco?) cold turkey. They have literally turned their lives around and are now following the straight and narrow path. They are having big getting-married problems - but with the unceasing aid from the Lord and our own faith and obedience, marriage is just around the corner. I never thought we could jump through the marriage hurdles that were before us, but we have. When we told Eric that we couldn't baptize their family on their original date - - March 27th - Eric amost had a heart attack. He wanted more than anything in this world - as it should be - to become a member of this church. While it is depressing and confusing to see people not recognize the truth plainly in front of their eyes, when you see people who really see it for what it is - all of our work is worth it. They will probably be baptized on the 17th of April and - I'm not lying here - it will be one of the most rewarding experiences of my life thus far. We gave him some shirts and ties so that he would look spiffy at church. So stinkin cool to see someone transform like that.

All of our investigators are progressing and have caught the vision. We are - finally - getting referals and in some cases people are walking up to us and saying that they need this gospel in their lives. Talk about crazy! I'm not sure if it is because of the area that I'm in or what, but the past two months has felt like - at the most - two weeks. To think that I am two months away from my 1/4 mark feels strange.

Could you please also send me some journals? I am almost out and I will have to have one made here in Mad Ant soon.

I see how you guys start partying it up and buying new computers left and right once I leave the house. Hmph! Alright well I'm off to go and finish my round of emails. I love you guys. Thank you so much for all the advice and support you've given me.
I hope everything is rockin back home.

Elder Cryer

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