Monday, March 8, 2010

Hospital on P-day

Man it sounds like so much stinkin fun back home. Good thing it is pretty awesome here as well.

Well, a lot happened this week. To start off with, Horn and I have been at times very ill. Yuck. Horn is much worse off than I am and we actually have to go the hospital today. Needless to say, neither him nor I is very enthused. Hospital on P-Day? What a drag :/. This week we even had to take a day off because we were both being assaulted so badly. I'm fine now, but Horn is not.

Great news: I did Tantaly's baptism and, as per usual with me, in about a foot and a half of water. It's a mystery why sometimes the font is filled and other times, not. Sometimes it seems like we are getting everyone we teach progressing towards baptism and a lot of people to church. Only the Lord knows why we've been blessed this way.

Have you gotten my letter yet? I need to know whether it is safe to send my memory card in the mail or not. The thought of losing all of my pictures makes me sick to my stomach. Or is that simply the street food digesting?

The language is coming along quite well, unless you count understanding as part of the language learning. In which case you would be most certainly inclined to say that my progress has hit the creeping dregs of stagnation. I can understand everything the other missionaries say, even the aces, but most of the time I am simply guessing at what a native is trying to tell me. If I am controlling the conversation, better. If someone randomly asks me a question though, talk about hard to understand! I can usually get what they are saying if I have them repeat themselves, but they don't like to repeat. I just pray that it will come eventually. The only way I can properly illustrate the problem is this: when you have trouble understanding a East Texan or a New York kid or a gangster off the street - I know the words they are saying. I just cannot hear the words through their accents and slurring. Sometimes I can't even distinguish the words enough to tell if I know the word or not! I've had some Malagasy dreams.

I am very hungry and out of time to relate the dull, exciting, and sometimes scary events of my life. Someday soon I'll send home my journal and you can get everything. All the blisters have healed up and all that jazz.

I miss you and love you all.
Elder Cryer

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