Monday, March 15, 2010

Tastebuds are changing, transfers are coming


Everything is going well here is Madagascar. My language skills are increasing, mostly speaking-wise but some comprehension as well. I have started to have Malagasy dreams, which is cool and confusing and trippy all at the same time. People get more and more frustrated at me the more better I can speak. They expect me to be super mahay tengasy and understand everything that they say. Sadly, I usually can't on the first try. Some people even think I don't like them because they hear me speak, assume I am mahay, and then I don't strike up a jolly good conversation with them about anything under the sun. Gah!

Well not much news beyond the normal, living as a missionary in Mad Ant stuff. Or investigators are doing well....kinda. We had eight baptisms lined up for the 27th. 6 of them fell through and we are going to only get 3 total for March This means that we are behind schedule and lacking big time. Our mission goal is to get 1500 baptisms this year. We aren't been bad or lazy or anything, we are just in the mean city.

Info, haven't gotten any packages yet. And yes I've gotten everyone's's letters. If you thought that I am ignoring them, I'm not. I read each one like five times, but I just don't have enough time to go through each one and talk about them. I hope everyone understands.

I workout every day just to try and stay in shape. Blah, it is hard. All I have is 2-25 pound weights and a jump rope. It takes like 20 sets with the dumbells to get tired and I have become an extremely good jump roper. On that note: I am going to have to buy some weights for myself within the next week. My companion is taking his with him when he is transferred someday.

Btw, I'm on a rice diet now. For some reason my fat-stores really enjoy all this Malagasy food. Why I lost weight in the MTC and have trouble keeping my weight down here, I have no clue. Thanks for those wonderful genes parents ;). I eat meat and other tasty things but after I am done with the main part of the meal, I eat rice. This keeps me full most all the time, so that is a benefit. The other benefit is that I love rice. Give it to me plain, that's fine by me. Add a little somethin' somethin', and that's even better. Something weird has happened to my tastebuds in this strange land. I like vegetables a lot, can eat meals with no meat at all, and don't flinch. All those years when I got a cheese burger with only mayo, cheese, and meat are over.

Well transfers are fast approaching. There are eleven new kids coming in from the states, which is very exciting indeed! No longer will I be the new kid in the mission. At the same time, no longer will I be the smart kid that picks up everything fast. With each new transfer comes more responsibility and higher expectations. I've never wanted to be babied, and I am finally moving a step in the right direction.

Ok well again, I'm sorry that I can't go through and comment on everything in your emails....I just simply do not have time :/. I love you and miss you all.
Elder Cryer

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