Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Hard Work = Blisters and Baptisms

What's up? How are things back home? Everything safe and sound? I sincerely doubt that one of the tectonic plates would have moved far enough to start giving earth quakes in Texas but hey, you never know. I feel like all these giant calamities are signs that we are very much nearing the end of days. The church has to spread to everyone on the earth and that has simply not happened yet. Someday soon though.

Some (Mom) have expressed worry about me eating the street food - my answer is, no really big deal. I only eat things that have been deep fried and 90 percent of the time they contain no meat. We go to buy these tasty fried Malagasy things called nims and sambos. They are usually supposed to have meat in them, but with increasing regularity, they contain nothing but onions. Mind, they are still very tasty, just not quite as good. Lots of eggs, rice, and chicken is what I buy every week. The local Shopright has some good deals but you have to look for them and be willing to sacrifice a lot of American quality. Ain't no thang though.

Spices and sauces are crazy expensive here. You need not send peanut butter or mayo. I found a really good deal for mayo but the store that used to sell peanut butter has stopped. Will they get more soon? I hope so!

Great week - we had two baptisms on Saturday. Things have been pretty stinking great!
It was very cool and Elder Horn did the actual baptizing. One of the girls wanted me to do their confirmation. Seeing as I had never given one in English and people in church expect big things from these confirmations, I was extremely nervous. It went well, but I'm pretty vague on what I said. Good signs hopefully. This Saturday we have another baptism. The girl is named Tantailley and she is way cool. In March we are looking to have between 6-9 baptisms. Crazy huh? I am so excited. It has been amazing to finally see our area picking up and doing well. Horn and I have worked very hard and finally it seems as though our hard work is paying off. We don't teach that many times per week, but we do get alot of people to church and our baptisms are high. So many blessings - there just isn't enough time to count them all :D.

So that really stinks about the Mens hockey lossing to Canada. Everyone here thought that the men had won from last weeks email. Everyone gets about the same news from their parents. Very cool that we won the over-all medal count....not cool that Canada beat us on the gold medal count :(. O those Canadians.

My shoes are holding out very well. My first week I actually got horrible blisters on my feet. I suffered through it for another week, and then just chopped them off. It was actually blisters under blisters. Ouch. Now they have all calloused over, for which I am thankful. For awhile when they were still healing, I wore one of my regular pairs of socks and the big nice wool socks as well. That seemed to help matter immensely. Now I wear two socks when my feet hurt pretty bad from the day before.

I finally accessed my money. It wasn't easy, though. They tried to make me show them my passport, which I don't have, and then give them the number for the account, which I don't know. After about 15 minutes of me stone wallin' her, she gave in and gave me my money.

Love you and miss you, much love from the curly headed wanderer (OYA nickname from a few years ago),
Elder Cryer

PS: Im gonna go eat some bolo or frego or something. Peace

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