Tuesday, May 25, 2010

O what a week...

O what a week. Late May back in 2010. O what a week. (Guess that song! One hint: Jersey Boys)

Transfers, transfers, transfers. I'm not gonna lie. Me and pretty much everyone else thought that I was going to be leaving Ivato. O how different the will of the Lord is from our own personal plans. I already did goodbye parties and everything. Everything was in place for my departure. Until, that is, we get a call from President Donnelly on the night of transfers. Everyone knows that if Prez calls you on transfer night, then you are going AP. So Elder Eschler was called to be the new Assistant!

I figure out that I was staying in Ivato for another month - at least - but I was ok with it. Then, as we waited for the whole transfer list to arrive from the Zone Leader, I got a deep feeling in the pit of my stomach. O no. It can't be. It just isn't possible. I'm not ready. So the call came. The first words out of Eschlers lips are, "Ivato: Cryer is training" My first reaction was one of sheer panic. I paced around the house and felt like a dog locked in a cage. How could this be? It
just isn't possible. Not only am I tied for the youngest trainer in
mission history, but I am also the youngest District Leader in mission
history. Ahh.

But, about three hours ago, the weight lifted off myself and now, I'm at peace with the whole thing. It's ok. I can do it. I'm still worried, but controlled worry only lol. I know that even though I'm still horrible at Malagasy and I don't even have enough knowledge to impart to the young one, everything will work out alright. I have faith, like Nephi, that the Lord will provide a way. If I work my hardest and give it my all, He will support me from the right and the left. That is the beauty of a calling. No matter how unprepared we feel, we can know with a surety of heart and mind that the Lord will make us ready.

Do you realize that my birthday is in less than four months. I will be twenty. I was a barely minted 19 year old when I went into the MTC. Wasn't that yesterday?

There are two major pieces of news left. I'll give the good one first. This past Saturday was the baptism of Faby, Zafy, Andry, along with 13 others from a far away place called Ankazobay. The house was packed at the Ivato church with everyone from the APs to Pres. Donnelly himself attending. It was incredible to see such a display of success in this most precious endeavor which we are engaged in. There was excellent talks, a very long baptismal service, and even a Malagasy impromptu testimony from Pres. It made me feel like I was in Chile, or Argentina, or Mexico. You know, one of those places that baptizes a lot. O wait - I forgot that Mada just moved up to the number two spot in baptisms per missionary in the highest baptizing area in the world.

And then, hard times. On Thursday I was on exchanges with one of the guys from the new group. The Zone leader was going to Ivato to do some baptismal interviews. As Elder Berlin and I are about to get on a bus, we get a call from President himself. He tells us to stay in Analamahisty and that no matter what we do, don't go towards the office. So we obeyed. We then get a call from the AP's telling us to run to the nearest house. So we did. There we caught up with the other missionaries who actually lived there and awaited news on what was going on. Finally we get word on what had happened. There was trouble by the police station beside the mission office. The religous leaders and police were protesting against the government. It was bad, violent. Fortunately by the noon the next day we were allowed to go back to work. Pretty scary though.

I love you all and pray for you. Hope you pray for me! I need em!
Elder Cryer

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