Monday, May 17, 2010


So this week has been really slow. The work was hard but Eschler and I have had some amazing experiences. I am really starting to see the Lord's hand in all things that we do and in all aspects of life. It is different than the way I perceived things before. Like, I knew that Lord had His hand in everything, but there is a change when you actually start to notice it. I would like to keep this same sense of perspective and purpose.

First is Voary's family. They are a mostly member family and we are teaching their niece. They are so much fun! It is quite hard to not sit and talk with them for hours. Voary's mom, Vola, is a way fun woman. Her as well as Sister Fanza - of whom I have already spoken of - have both proclaimed themselves to be my Malagasy Mother. I'm fine with the arranengment ;P.

We have had a lot of success recently here in Ivato. Given, we probably tracted more hours than individual times taught, but that is ok. Eschler decided that after that rough patch we ran into last week that the Lord was giving us trials for ours and the investigators benefit and we were meant to push through them. So push we did. We prayed constantly, worked as hard as we could and did what we were suppossed to do. It was not insant success. Just yesterday we only got two times in the whole day and had scheduled seven. But, for the first time in my mission I have experienced successful tracting. We've met some great families and had possibly the best times (lessons) of my mission thus far. I know the end of trials and tests is not over, but like a muscle
that must be worked, the area is getting better.

About muscles: I use a lot of examples when I teach people. I have not the extensive vocab that time and blessings has been given to Elder Eschler. But I can tell a story. When Elder Eschler is explaining an especially hard part or resolving a difficult question, I always try to contribute no matter how hard it is. So, I give examples and tell stories and relate past experiences. So far it seems to be working well. At Voary's last time we were talking about faith. We all read together the story about faith being related to a tree in Alma. As they all discussed this, I thought of a way to describe it in my own way. So when the time arrived for me to talk, I showed them all a sticker of Goku (Dragon Ball Z) which I have on the back of my planner. I told them that I try really hard to look like him, but it is never easy. I related faith to a muscle. One may work out every day for month and see a bit of growth, but unless you give it constant and steady challanges/nourishment, your muscle/faith will fade away. They all loved it.

We have three baptisms coming up this Saturday and I am so excited!
Faby and Zafy got married this past Saturday so that is just great.

Anyways, that's all for now. I love you guys and miss you. I'm vita (finished) for now.
I love you all.
Elder Cryer

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