Monday, May 10, 2010

In Other News

It was so good to talk to you guys last night! A bit weird, but awesome! Somehow I expected it to be more weird and trippy and just, idk, different. But it wasn't. The weird part about the whole thing is that it was like I said goodbye yesterday - not six months ago. Time is flying.

So, this week was fun and hard at the exact same time. Fun, because I'm on a mission and nothin' can compare to the happiness you feel when you are on the errand of the Lord. Hard, because I'm in Madagascar and the work is getting tough. We roamed around this one humble, village-y type area for a while handing out invitations. Eventually we made our way down to the rice paddies and saw some people mikapaka vary (banging rice plants up against a stone to get all of the rice out) and we decided to help them. So we slammed the dirty plants against the rock, chatting with the rice paddy workers. We handed out invitations, got a return appointment, and had to go home to change out of our brown-with-mud clothes. Good fun all around and a good experience all together.

The weather here is so extremely nice. Picture Texas in September. On Saturday morning Eschler and I got up and just felt fantastic. It was nice and cool, the air smelled like home, and all was well. All that we needed was a big batch of cinnamon rolls, Satruday morning cartoons, and a lovely afternoon to get Target popcorn, go to the mall, Barnes and Noble, and lunch. But, missionaries we are so we have to be satisfied with the good weather.

So, there is this guy named Gino in my ward. He is a way cool guy that works at the airport and he has great style. Brother Brimhall - one of my teachers in the MTC - baptized him and I actually taught him through Bro Brimhall in the MTC. Cool, huh? So he just recently got his call to Madagascar and he'll be going to the Ghana MTC in a month or so. This is such exciting news! He has been working on getting his mission papers ready for some time and was beset with random health issues for the last part of it. It is so wonderful to see the gospel come full circle. It started with the missionaries giving the seed of faith and a testimony to a young man who wa excellently learned in the Bible. Now, over much time, he is going out to do the exact same in his native land. Absolutely wonderful.

How true it is that not only should we be asking for blessings and giving prayers, but giving blessings ourselves and answering prayers ourselves. We cannot look at life passively, assuming that if the Lord has need of us, he will simply put us here we need to be. We need to look for opportunities to answer peoples prayers and be of service to those in want.

In other news: Our guardian stole our coconut!
Alright well I'm gonna move on. I'm still sick.
Love always,
Elder Cryer

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