Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Flash floods and fainting

So many things have happened this week that it feels like I haven't emailed in a month. Before transfers, I had to find a mini and prepare the area for the transfer which would be taking place soon. So me and Rado, the brother of Souer Helisoa, a return missionary, visited every single person in our teaching pool and told them to get ready for the new missionaries. We encouraged them to continue forward in diligence, because it might be a little while before the new missionaries would get around to visiting them.

We told one of our newest recent converts that Elder Slater and I both would be leaving...she passed out instantly! We had to pick her up and put her in bed - fear not for I was only in a supporting role. I made Rado do all of the actual carrying because I didn't want to get into any sort of a sticky situation -, then we asked people to watch over her until she came to once more. After that, we bolted to avoid any awkward questioning which we could possibly get from suspicious neighbors. Admittedly, I would wonder too, if some dudes from a weird church caused a girl to pass out.

At one point we were walking down a path, moving towards our next appointment when we heard the sounds of rain coming down in the distance. We both turned around at the sound, looked at each other, and then said "mihazikazà (run)!" So we took off down the path, trying to get inside before the rain caught us. We were about a hundred yards from our next time when the onslaught reached us. As soon as the storm hit us we were completely engulfed. Running under the protection of a tin roof that was outside of an epicerie/trano vato/snack shop, we decided to try and wait out the worst of the rain. Little did we know that the worst was to come.

I had never actually been in a flash-flood situation before that rain-storm. Within five minutes, the entire path was washed away in the flood which came out of literally nowhere. Withing ten minutes we were forced to climb onto a ledge outside of the epicerie to escape the rising water. Within 12 minutes the waves were lapping at our ankles! At that point, we were sure that we were goners and had resigned ourselves to a very wet end to our short lives. Fortunately, as floods can flash in, they can also sometimes flash out. A few minutes after the worst of the storm, the rain eased off and the water level had descended dramatically....we continued on our ways.

After transfers on Thursday, I left my new area of Akorandrano and went back to Sabotsy Namehana to help the new missionaries get used to the area. There is a lot of people that are ready to be baptized and we didn't want them to fall through the cracks. So I only just started working in my new area yesterday. So far it seems cool. From what I hear, the ward will reward hard-working, enthusiastic missionaries with loads of referrals and daily dinner apppointments. Sounds like a blast! My new companion is awesome.

When I came to my new area I also became District Leader. This past Sunday we had the Tana stake split and a stake conference. Some from the First Quruom of the Seventy showed up for the event, namely Elder Renlund and Elder Mkabelah. The conference went well, and the next day we were able to take part in a Zone conference with Elder Relund doing training with us. Before the conference for everyone started the District Leaders, APs, and Zone Leaders got to have a leadership training meeting with President Donnelly and Elder Renlund. When I walked into the room to see Elder Renlund at the table, I almost had a heart-attack right then and there. I've talked to a Seventy before, but never had the opportunity to ask him questions and answer questions from him. I'm positive that for me and all of the other elders that were there, it was an incredible experience.

That is pretty horrible news about the earthquake in Japan.

I miss you guys and pray for you often.

Elder Cryer

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