Monday, January 17, 2011

The Show Goes On

To answer your questions, I really much only hear from the family. It's fine that only family emails or writes. Because I've been away from America for so long. sometimes I feel a little bit cut off, but most of the time I don't really mind. Isn't that what a mission is for? To focus 100% on the things that truly matter? I think so anyways.

This week was as good as ever. The show goes on in Sabosty Namehana with little change. This, I am glad for because it always seems like when you are in an area that is constantly being beset with different matters, you are also in an area that is constantly being troubled by disturbances.

Yesterday afternoon we were dogged (meaning our appointments fell through) by five different groups of people in a row. So from 2-5 in the afternoon we had nothing to do. We decided to do some tracting in new areas, which eventually brought us to a giant rice-paddy that stretched out for miles. Elder Slater and I looked at each other, and decided to set out across the vast unkown, hoping to find adventures waiting for us around every turn.

The rice-paddies paths could really be likend to tightropes made of mud. Each little square of paddy you go into is planted with different types of rice and even different types of produce all together. We tried to catch a snake, but only succeded in losing both my pen and planner in the muddy brown water of the fields. You win some, you lose some I suppose.

This week we had two baptisms, Soeur Hasina and Soeur Irina. The baptism was really a great event, filled with the Spirit and some changes of heart from more than two individuals who attended. A lot of investigators showed up and many less-active family members of those whom were baptized came as well. After the baptism, we went and had dinner and then went to an appointment with the whole family of Irina. Irina's grandfather has been a member for many years; he even has the Melchezidek Priesthood. He has been inactive for some time and Irina's parents are both somewhat in-active. We had an amazing lesson with them all about recommitting ourselves to diligence in the service of he Lord; both the father and the grandpa shared with me their converstion stories. We committed them to read the entire Book of Mormon again, keep all of the commandments, and to pray about the church one more time. They agreed and I told them that I had already in my life had to go through a similair recommitment experience on my mission. I felt the Spirit so strong during that time, and I know they did too.

A backapacking trip when I get home would be great. I've always wanted to do Mt.
McKinely, ha. IF that seems like it might be a little bit too much, then a smaller, closer mountain. Though, if were are to undertake such an adventure, then I feel that I might need to bring along my old missionary shoes. My Dr. Martens are the most comfortable buggers in the world, which is proabbly on account of the extensive wear and tear program they have been forced to go through.

To answer your question about the SD card, one is headed home today! Enjoy.

Tell Spencer congratulations from me on his call to Korea.

Well I love you and pray for you guys all the time. Still not seeing any crocodiles but smelling like a cow.
Elder Cryer

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