Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Faith and Chameleons

For goodness sakes! Now for the fourth time I start my email to you. Ahhhh! Twice when we were at the email cafe earlier this morning, my computer died, thereby erasing my email to you twice in a row. The second time I was actually on the way to
finishing up and sending the email when all of the computers in the email cafe simultaneously restarted themselves. At that point I stood up and walked out, refusing to pay. One of the guys wasn't happy with my decision to not pay, got pretty ticked at me, but his manager accepted it and said that he was sorry. I'm
writing this email from a completely different email cafe.

We've found tons of diligent, and ready to learn people this week. One couple which I'd like to talk a little bit about is named Lucy and Remi. They are a quirky couple who just relocated from downtown Tana in order to find a nice countryside pad to retire in. I don't think they speak much Malagasy around the house, as some of my
phrases had to be translated by Lucy to Remi into French. He still understands and speaks pretty well, but not that great. Anyways, they are awesome. Our lesson with them was truly spectacular. In the end they accepted the invitation to be baptized and really seem like they are going to go somewhere.

This week we had an exceedingly large amount of experiences with some fine species of critters in the animal kingdom. On Thursday evening we were walking down a path by the river, going off to do a little bit of tracting before one of our later times. Looking to my left, I spotted a rare to see creature - The CHAMELEON. But this was no ordinary tarondro (chameleon). He could have been considered a giant of the lizard family on the whole, a mythical legend only found in the most fabulous of fantasy novels, a forearm-sized relic of another age.

Well...in all actuality he was just a really big and really mean tarondro. Anyways, we picked him up and started taking pictures. Malagasy people are very fearful of tarondro, so they were amazed that we would actually pick up such a dragon. He was as mean as a bobcat straight out of the bathtub! Attempt after attempt, he tried to sink his sharp teeth into us. Luckily, we were too fast for him. After a giant crowd of people showed up, and THEN we all had to hide from some stampeding cows, some kids found us another tarondro that was of a very peculiar variety. Most big chameleons are black, grey, and white, and cannot really make much color difference outside of those three. But this one was a beauty. For once, I've finally seen a really, color changing, big, and unusually green tarondro.

We have really seen a jump in the number of diligent, ready to hear the gospel investigators this week, but we have also seen a major decline in the number of people that simply come to church. Last week we had fourteen investigators come to church, and this week we had seven. We don't know what happened, but we've decided not to dwell on it. We figure that if we are working our hardest and being
obedient to every single rule, then we'll be ok. I have faith that there is still much progress to be done in this area.

Elder Cryer


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