Wednesday, January 20, 2010

On the ground

Hi everyone - well, I just got in and stuff. This is my generic, "I made it to Madagascar" email.

It was a very long series of flights, but all went well. My plan of hitting every fast food between the MTC and Mad Ant didn't work out. I paid $10 for a Burger King Whopper Meal at the SLC airport. Then because of a mix up at the Chicago airport where we didn't get to buy an actual meal, I had a peanut bar and a Mountain Dew in the International Terminal there. In London, I paid $22 for a meal.

A young agnostic Jewish woman sat by me during one flight and as long as we were talking about regular stuff, she was happy to talk, but as soon as I started talking to her about the Book of Mormon, not so interested. But I tried and will keep trying.

I miss you all and love you. I don't have much time no so I will write more on Monday (my P-Day).
Love, Elder Cryer

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