Monday, September 26, 2011

Every chair and bench completely full

The days are slowly drawing themselves to a close with significantly more finality than they have before. I'm enjoying my mission as much if not more than I ever have, but it seems as though my interest in writing big emails is coming to an end. My life of dealing with the day to day just seems regular and familiar now.

This week I finally fulfilled a dream ever since I first saw pictures of the giant Malagasy Baobab trees. I always wanted to see a baobab, to touch a baobab, to even....oh yes...hug a baobab. It wasn't exactly huge or anything, I did in fact wrap my arms and legs around that strange, twisted tree and DREAMS CAN COME TRUE.

The work here is still going well. We're expecting a couple of baptisms on the 15th of October. The people who got baptized at the beginning of this month are still very diligent, thankfully, and we're starting to see some recent converts who have gone less active come back to church. This past Sunday I got to translate for a member from Utah who doing a small visit here with Rio Tinto. He was also here over two years ago, so it was really neat for him to see the tremendous growth that the branch has seen since that time. As he said to me, two years ago there were only 5 members total! He was in a bit of shock when he walked into the building to see every chair and bench completely full.

Dad, the insect repellent in the sock thing is a good idea, but I nor anyone else has insect repellent. We're all dealing with cutting the fleas out. The locals are used to it, they handle it easily.

My time is a bit short today - farewell until next week. My shoes have holes in them now. Hopefully my kicks will make it.

I miss you guys and love you bunches.

Elder Cryer

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