Monday, June 6, 2011

Woo-wee those were some cute little pictures of the youngins' and folk (you guys being the folk, of course). They have gotten so big! Ella and the bunch are probably all going to be scared of me when they see me again. Joshua is no doubt going to be screaming...sigh. Maybe Ella will kinda remember me in some way, but probably not. They'll all be thinking 'Who is this skinny guy that kinda looks like my mom? And smells like rice?! I hate him.' And then they shall spit upon me ;P, I can see it now. Oh well. Can't wait to see those little-ones anyways.

This week was sick. As in, I had the flu this week and it kept me in bed from last Monday night all the way until Thursday. I tried to move around and go do some errands or work, and each time I was batted down by the flu. Today we are going to the mission home after emailing and it'll be time to get some heavenly advice from the mission president's wife. I've already been taking medications that are supposed to treat the symptoms of the flu, but they have done nothing. Maybe I don't even have the flu but instead some sort of bacterial infection. IDK. I may be going to the doctor soon, but I personally feel like this might be a pointless move. The health care here is tough; often you end up just paying a bunch of ariary to these doctors who proceed to do nothing. Oh well. In a couple of days I'll be willing to do anything in the world to get this illness off my back.

In other news we finally moved houses. The house we are in is in a place called Anjanahary, though the specific location is almost impossible to describe to taxi-drivers. The area around our house is priviledged, providing us with some absolutely delicious sausage houses, bakeries, and quality rice-shacks. We have an absolutely beautiful view, looking out into the Tana valley and off into the mountains beyond. Apparently the guy who lives above us is a famous pop singer named Eziet. Cool...I guess. The house is pretty large and pretty cold - we blame the tile floors. There are a couple of problems with the house currently, mostly relating to plumbing and the inability to wash and dry our clothes. I've been wearing the same under-clothes for a couple of days now....hopefully these problems are solved soon.

We still had 15 investigators come to church yesterday, which made Elder Nash and I quite proud, but I still feel kinda like a failure for not being able to stand up to this flu. This is a little bit stressful, because we have many investigators who are suppossed to be baptized in the coming Saturdays - as in this Saturday - but Nash and I still have to wrap up all the lessons and what not.

I hope that this week ends up being much better than the last. I'll pray extra hard. Pray for me too!

Elder Cryer

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