Monday, May 16, 2011

It's been a busy week for us. To begin, every Wednesday we teach English at the church for about fifty people from all sorts of different areas in Tana. Some of them are members, but most of them are not. I wish I had some kind of training in teaching English before I came here, but I just make do with what I know...which sure isn't much! If anyone has any advice for me, aka Clarissa, then they should feel free to send that on over ;P.

As we were waiting for a time to start at one of our very diligent investigators' houses, the conversation was running to an end and we just had nothing to do. Everyone was just starting to look around akwardly, but there was some music playing softly from one of the patched up radios in the house, so I just started to bobbing my head to the tunes, searching for something to say. A couple of the kids in the room started laughing at the vazaha dancing. It was way fun and totally broke the ice nicely. I taught them some of my infamous stake-dance moves and Nash and I did a freakin-sweet impression of some Malagasy dance maneuvers. I am always going to be of the opinion that when in doubt, just doing a little jig might do the trick.

So we found an absolutely incredible new family this week (along with other families, of course) that in my opinion has some real promise. Nash and I were hoping to find the miracle of some mature men that might have huge families that would want to receive the gospel. As we were walking along, I heard a "Bonjour!" ringing from one of the surrounding yards. I looked around for a second, trying to find the person who had said it, when they shouted "Bonjour" again. We yelled manahoana back and went and talked to them. The owner of the surrounding houses and the leader of the clan was named Selestin. His family just so happened to be huge, receptive to the message, and ready to act upon it! They understood everything we had to teach them, felt the Spirit at the revealing of restored truths, and even asked deep questions that showed how much they understood. By the end of the lesson the entire neighborhood had crowded into the floorless hut and the Spirit was so strong. To be true, we only taught them about how God is our loving Father in Heaven and about the importance of Families, but you could tell that the things we talked upon them definitely impressed them intensely.

I love finding people like that and teaching lessons that are similarly spiritually-charged. When the Lord promises to show His elect if you go forward with faith, then I know that He will fulfill His promise.

We ended up getting dogged a lot this past week, but still seemed to pull off a good showing stat-wise. Not like that all! But we do have to report the stats so I still have to give them some kind of weight, ya know?

Dad, your Mother's Day talk made me emotional. The news about Guy the Dog is very sad. Still praying for you guys. And I got the package! All of its contents are already gone, but it was super fantastic.

Elder Cryer

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