Friday, December 24, 2010

Warrior Mutt

This week we had some fantastic experiences and a great find! Starting last Tuesday, I found a giant store called 'Jumbo Score' that is kind of like Walmart. They have good food, clothes, computers and TVs, everything that Walmart carries back home expect guns and hunting equipment - really. The only problem with this store of fabulous wonders is the exorbiant prices. I mean, I feel like these prices would be a little on the more expensive side for someone in America. That makes them nigh impossible for any regular person here in Madagascar. Regardless of price, though, I did pick up two packs of delicious hot-dog weiners.

By far the best find we made this week however, was the 29 new investigators. We had to drop a lot of the less-diligent people last week and we upped the hours that we work every day, so we had to do lots of tracting and referral searching. It was long, it was hard, and it was incredibly fun. Tracting in the pouring monsoons of Madagascar is not something that I think most people would aspire to doing. We just sing our hearts out and trudge on through the mud and the wet. Everyone sees us out and about during the storms - with no jackets on - and feels bad for us. So we easily get in those doors and find us some new investigators. Some of the people we've been finding are truly the Lord's elect; and others are a bit on the other side of the playbill, but regardless, I know it will be to both ours and the investigators benefit in the long run.

This week we had another baptism and we therefore had to have another round of bap interviews. That means that I had to go on splits again with the mini-missionary from last week. As we we going around and visiting people, we came across a dog who apparently wasn't in the best of moods. Maybe the rain had gotten him down - idk. Anyways, I looked at him and he gave me a little bit of an irritated snarl, but not so much as to imply a coming attack. I told him in Malagasy to shut up (mangiana ianao!) and he shut his yapper. About three seconds later as we were walking around the corner from where we had originally seen the dog, I hear a loud bark and running. I turned around just in time to see the dog lunging through the air, bent on ripping my throat out. So, I took some inspiration from all the martial arts flicks I had ever seen, and kicked my Dr Martens-equipped foot straight into his face. He flew back, stunned that a vazaha would show such back-bone in the face of
danger, but not quite finished. As he rebounded for the next attack, I let him have it again! Now this time I'm sure he was feelin' it, but it wasn't enough to stop his rage against the white man. One more time he came, and one more time was he stomped. He shook his head, dazed and confused, but still keeping up a steady growl of defiance. Maybe he would have gone at me one more time - but then his owner came running around the corner with a fork to ward him off of me. I feel certain that he's had the sharp end of the fork before, so he promptly turned tail and ran.

Later, as we were walking away from that area, I heard a similar, mighty bark of challenge from off in the distance. Turning to face down my foe once more, I summoned as much of a Clint Eastwood glare as my face could muster. We faced each other. Slowly, he ceded the battle ground and retreated. And that was the tale of the Warrior Mutt.

So here are my comments about the pictures: you guys look fantastic! I feel like you look stronger and leaner then before. Also, I think that you guys have evened out in the who-is-more-tan category. Father, you always did have the skin of an Commanche but it now seems as though Mom has turned herself right into a Mediterranean sunned Greek woman! Look at that tan thing!

The baby Joshua is a very cute and very regular baby. I mean that in utmost respect and praise, but he just looks like the quaint picture of what all babies should look like.

Alright, I guess we'll chat in a few days. I love you guys.
Elder Cryer

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