Monday, November 15, 2010

How many times can I say this place is paradise?

Hello everyone: I suppose that I have been in Antsirabe for a bit now, but I really
don't feel like leaving any time soon. I could easily put in another three months, no sweat. I love this place so much, and the work is always on fire pretty much. We had the two baptisms at the begining of this month, and then we should have between 6to 11 more on the 27th.

About the whole going home a month early thing - it is still not super set in stone, but in the end everyone in the mission that is here now is going to have to go home a month early or a month late. The reason for this is that the transfers have been jumbled-up by the transfers of the MTC. They changed their dates for putting out our missionaries, so now we have to change ours as well. Otherwise, we'd have people leaving and new people not arriving to fill their spots for a whole month.

This week, both me and Peatross have been super sick. I was sick for one day, and then Peatross way sick for all of the rest. I think we ate some bad eggs or something like that. I was feeling horrible last Tuesday, but then just slept it off. Peatross is super sick. I feel really bad for him, but on the whole I just feel helpless. What can I do?! I wish there was something substantial. We still had 17 investigators show up to church despite the major lack of work.

This Wednesday is election day! Yay! Or maybe I should be saying, Uh-oh! The stand-in president has finally accepted the election, but things are still not all happy and dapper. Me and Elder Riding were talking to a Peace Corp worker a few days ago, and she said things are unsettled in Tana right now. Scary news, amiko (to me). We here in Antsirabe don't ever see even the slightest speck of violence or mayhem or even any real suffering. It is paradise :D. Then again, the relatively high level of peace could be the result of the garrison of soldiers patroling the central part of the city every day. Who nows?!

Frere Ernest set out this morning to pick up his and his wife's papers for their marriage. This is crazy exciting news as they will soon be married and they will then after be baptized! On the 27th, they and their daughter as well as another family of three are going to take part in the baptism bananza that is the creation of the District. For a long time Antisrabe has been kept under the wing of the Tana Stake, but now they are finally getting a degree of independence and being turned into a District. This means that they will have a fully autonomous leadership here. The fact that people are receiving their first ordinance of salvation seems like a miracle to me.

I'm afraid to say it but that seems like that's it for my news this week.

Love, Elder Cryer

PS: Tell Sarah congrats for me and give everyone kisses from me, especially the baby. He's real cute.

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