Monday, October 4, 2010

Super Troopers

So anyways, I am so jealous that you guys got to watch conference. I probably won't see it for at least a month and chances are good that it'll be in Malagasy. Conference has become one of my most favorite times of the year.

In other news, Elder Rakotoniaina got transfered. My new companion is named Elder Peatross and he is awesome. Elder Peatross (Pet - tr - oss) has been out for about four months, so he is still pretty young. Fortunately for my tsy mahay self, he is already walking, talking, and dressing himself! He is, in my opinion, one of the coolest young guys around. And, if he isn't the best, then Elder Riding - the other new elder in our house is. We all make a a pretty dynamic, rockin party at our house. We study, we clean, we speak in English, we work, and we party every day. I feel like it could be passably argued that our house is the coolest of all the houses in Mada. In fact, only ridiculously cool people have been transfered to Antsirabe.

So about my shoes and stuff. I'm pretty happy that we bought the Dr. Martens because they are some super-troopers. No need to replace those bad-boys. And yes, I would really like the headlamp. In fact, Elder Peatross saw the details of the Black Diamond head lamp as well as the picture, and he's decided to ask his parents for that for Chrismas as well. That is a pretty slick lookin light - I must say. My rain jacket is good - no complaints there. I don't really ever wear it, is the thing.
I got in Mada at a strange part of the year when there should have been monsoons, but there wasn't. Everyone's sayin that in a month or so the rain and heat is gonna hit hard again, so my jacket should get some good use :).

I have what is probably an upper-respitory infection as of right now. The force of it has thankfully lessened, but for a couple of days I literally couldn't do anything! It was so horrible - especially when you consider the fact that I have no computer or TV to entertain me through the boredom of doing nothing. Yuck.

All in all, Antsirabe is still by far the best area in Mada and has only gotten better. On Peatross's first day we taught some random guy at the house of another investigator. We had dropped by just to check and see if our investigators were there, and we found this guy. Apparently he is the husband of the woman and children who we had taught the week before. We had a pretty amazing lesson, and the man was in tears at he end of the lesson. We helped him out with some other problems and then invited him to be baptized with his entire family at the end of October. I've seen enough miracles by this point in my mission that I'm no longer suprised when I see new ones, but just awed. He whole-heartedly accepted and even told us that he had been looking for something like this. Though he had been baptized and confirmed in the Catholic church, he became disenchanted by the have-it-your-way-but-not-the-Bible's-way type of doctrine. So he left and never went back. As he said this, Peatross and I looked at each other and said in English, "Awesome."

The next day we saw another miracle. Him, and his family, and anyone else they could round up for came to church. How amazing! There were 25 investigators at church on Sunday, and we are expecting many more to come.

I love my mission and I testify that this is the absolute best work I could be doing at this point in my life. I know my Redeemer lives and died for me, and I am so thankful to have the oppurtunity to inform people about this magnificent message. No matter where you think you are in the range of spiritual progress, there is always room for improvment and there is always knowledge to be gained from the simplicities of this gospel.

Gringo's sounds delicious about right now.

Adventure On,
Elder Cryer

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