Monday, September 6, 2010

Run over, attacked, still kicking

Thanks for praying for me on mountain day. Ironically that was certainly not the day in which I was in the most danger this week. I got slammed on my bike by what could respectably be called an eighteen-wheeler. But fear not! I only have a scrape on my knee and a mild cut on my ankle, and my bike has already been fixed. I am fairly positive that it was a complete miracle that I am alive right now and not at least in the hospital. Fa tsy maninona! It was totally the bikes fault and I am now being 100 times more careful so that my bike has no chance to sabotage me.

The first big event of my week occured on Tuesday. Rakoto and I were on our way to one of our many times, going down a long road that is usually very busy with traffic and drivers who don't obey the non-existent traffic laws. Just as we were about to turn into a side road, I saw a big giant truck flying down the road. It was hauling some sort of building material I suppose, quite massive. But, this truck was forever away down the road. There would be no problem at all with me trying to cross the road. Ha.

Just as I turned in to cross the road, my bike decided to take a break. Literally. It stopped peddling all-together and left me to cruise slowly out into the path of the oncoming truck. I had about a second or two to think about how the driver would be mad at me for getting in his way, because I could already hear screeching of all its many tires. Then, the truck slammed hard into the back of my bike, sending me flying through the air backwards. As I flew, I thought something along the lines of, "Well, this isn't good. How embarrassing." Then I hit the ground, skidded for a moment, and lay prostrate for a bit because I was so shocked at what had just happened.

Once I got my senses, I jumped up and ran over to the truck driver to apologize. I think the driver and his assistant were mostly just relieved that they wouldn't be fired because they killed a missionary. After that, I went home because my legs were aching and my bike was unrideable. It was at this time that I considered just how close I had come to being destroyed and losing my entire lower half. Just three more inches and that truck would have slammed into my back and I'd probably be a vegetable right now. Talk about a miracle. I think that maybe God had this happen because I needed to learn just how wretched our bikes are, and that I need to be much more careful with them. Maybe I didn't really get it at that point, because I was then assaulted by a roaming pous pous - sent flying through the air again - and have been dealing with a horrible brake system that seems inclined to never actually work. Hills have been a whole new bit of fun and spectacle this week.

On mountain day, I got hit by a giant bee and spider battle. A massive, hairy spider and a mammoth black "bee" (so they say) were having a duel in mid-air. How this whole arrangment ended up airborn, I have no clue. Anyways, they dropped onto my head while I was giving a spiritual thought outside to a group up in the mountains. Of course they dropped on my head - why would they do anything different? The combatants fell from my head into my lap - I freaked out and flipped them onto the grass. I quickly finished the bee's work and dispatched the spider (he was one buff spider), before chasing down the bee and finishing it with my planner. All the kids in the group thought my battle with the bee was HILarious. He was vicious. Apparently I've read Ender's Game far too much and think everything is trying to kill me. But, as events have played out so far in my mission, I'd say there is a fair chance that everything is indeed trying to kill me.

In other bits of wonderful news, Christmas is coming, my only one in Mada. I'll get to talk to you guys on the phone *does a little dance*. Who will I be able to talk to on Christmas?

This week has been filled with work, and baptism dates. The new fomba (umm...way) in the mission is to talk about baptism on the very first lesson. I love it. We learned about this way of teaching in the MTC, but I promptly forgot it when I came in country because no one did that. I guess I was just too scared to change the "tried and true method" that was already popular in the mission. I'm glad we are making this return to Preach My Gospel principles. It seems like it absolutely does work, which isn't a suprise when you follow the divine guidance from Heavenly Father.

That's about all I have for you guys this week. I love you super mucho mihtsy and miss you. I'm so happy to be here on a mission, doing the Lord's work, bringing souls unto Christ. I know this church is true and I know it with a conviction that is unshakeable. I know that President Thomas S. Monson is the true prophet and leader of the Lord's chuch in these latter days. I hope you guys are staying "in the low valley" and still following the "straight and narrow path that leads to eternal salvation." I pray for each and every one of you constantly.

Elder Cryer

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