Monday, June 21, 2010

Open up the window

First, the tough - bad purchases, extra expenses, emergencies have lead me to having little money left for the month. If I just eat rice I'll be good.

And now the good - I hit my 7 month mark. Woohoo! Three more months till my B-Day!

Elder Touli and I have seen the work go through the roof this week. We tried really hard at the begining of the week, hoping a miracle would happen at the end of the week and the blank space in our planners would be filled. And ya know what, it did. The Lord rewards obedience and hardwork, even from a couple of lowly, not mahay tengasy missionaries. Times came from literally nowhere and we found tons of new investigators. We are actually suffering from too much work and times....a problem I have prayed for my whole mission ;D. We don't have the time in the day to get everything done that we need to. People are setting up times with us that won't be fulfilled for over a week. All our usuals are kinda annoyed because they are used to two or three times per week. I feel bad, but what am I suppossed to do?! The blessings from our Father are limitless and without hindrance if we just open up the window and let them pour in. Hopefully in the future we can get our act together like the sister missionaries. This week they had seven baptisms and 40 times to our 21. Ahh!

Elder Touli and I have actually found great success from working out at our local ghetto gym. We just became friends with everyone. We talk about working out and stuff. Then later we told them about our purpose as missionaries and invited them to church and English class. They have received the invitations well. We've already taught one of them with two more soon on the way. Pumping iron and missionary work at the same time ~

So transfers are coming up - ya know what? I don't really want to leave. I've had a slow and subtle change of heart and I have come to truly love my area. My house, my Shoprite, my companion, my investigators, my ward, and everything else about Ivato. I love passing by the airport and seeing the planes take off, it gives me a motivation to work hard, get more done, be better before I leave this place. I just love everything about my area. Elder Evans - who has been in his area for 5 months as well - feels the same way as I, Elder Sender does as well. Our areas are now our homes. Whenever I leave - and leave I shall do eventually - it'll be sad. I've learned so much about these incredible people. Now I feel like I'm about to cry. What is this mission doing to me?!

Ok well, that's all folks. I love you Mom so much and I thank you for all the support you've given me before and after my mission. An SD card with a letter will be sent off next week, so don't worry.

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY! Pretty much no one in the mission knew that it was Father's Day on Sunday until the middle of the week. We all felt pretty bad and then remembered that our dads would still be receiving their emails on Sunday. So, though you probably won't read this until the morning, it is still on time.

Ironically I got a Father's Day present! At church the Primary came into priesthood and gave all of the men a pair of dress socks. It was meant for the the dads but - like with carnations for mother's day - everyone got one. They also gave us some sweet bread that I have really never tasted in America nor know how to properly explain. The bread probably exists in America, but I doubt that anyone eats it because we have Little Debbies, shakes from Sonic, and a myriad of other tasty delights. On that note, when I have on a rare occasion to eat something from America or something sweet like unto it - it is just too much! I mean, I like it, but I'm not used to how rich the food is. My senses are perfectly happy with just plain old bread now.

Also, would it be possible for in the next package you send me a CD with the choir videos from Easter? This one lady really wants them and she feeds me lots of food, so I feel like I must oblige. Thanks!

Well, that's all for news and shameless beggings for things. I feel like one of the countless hobos in Tana. I love you so much Dad and can't even begin to explain just how much of a positive influence you have been in my life. You have stayed with me all these years...even in the worst of times. Though you probably could have moved out of the way when I fell off those rocks of life - you didn't. Instead you caught me, gave me encouragement and guidance, and set me back on the right path. Thank you so much Dad.

Elder Cryer

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