Monday, April 12, 2010

Great Times, Dirty Clothes

Ahhh, well a great, and slow, week has just passed. Somehow we got slammed with times and consequently our schedule of teaching is low. Not too low, but nothing to brag about either. With the Easter shut down that plagued the country, we had two days of no times and then the rest of the week we were victim to bad planning and transportation issues. We scheduled times back to back that were very far away from each other and had a lot of trouble with the taxi bays being full to the brims. So some times had to be dropped - which we feel bad about - or other times had to be walked to and then rescheduled - which is uncomfortable and annoying. All in all though, we had some great times and some great experiences with them.

We teach this one guy named Sasa. He is an absolutely amazing investigator. He actually said - and this is no exaggeration - that based upon the spirit that he felt as we taught him a first discussion and the proof which we had given him, that he had his confirmation before even praying about it. He did of course pray about our message anyway and now he has the developing buds of a soon-to-be strong testimony. This week, we also taught his sister and mom. I kid you not, they are the exact same as Sasa! As I was teaching them about the Plan of Salvation, the sister was literally finishing my sentences about things that you could not know if you didn't already know the teachings of this church. Just to clarify: no she hasn't been taught before. It all just made sense to her. So awesome! Every lesson we have with Sasa is absolutely explosive. Horn and I always leave walking on cloud nine.

Along with good stuff, I've been learning about spiritual elitism, not good. Some people think they just know everything that there is to know about the gospel and they are obviously the only ones who will inherit the Kingdom of our Father. Oh how unbearably misguided they are! What right do any of us have to say we know more than another or - and this is much worse - to say we are more worthy than our fellow man. Rant over.

I sang for a fireside where we had a general authority. They told me the day before I was supposed to sing, so I did a snappy rendition of A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief. My ward has a really good choir. They want me to be in the choir or to do a number with some of them, but that means to set aside practice time. I just do not have any time at all to go and do choir for now.

I will give you all the info about the Mother's Day phone call after the next transfer. There is a chance that I could move and then all of the info would be null. Transfers are in one week. I'll answer the Malagasy question - Veloma amin Fitiavana means, roughly, goodbye with love. But that is a hard thing to translate into Malagasy. Possibly veloma miaraka amin ny fitiavana would work better. Idk.

All my clothes are just fine. I'll probably have to buy some more shirts because the ones I brought do not wash very well and have gotten extremely dirty. Like, gross - it's not pleasant. The work here is hard and exceedingly dirty. A nice white shirt comes back from a full day with random brown stains all over it. I'll probably replace them with some cheap-o shirts in a few months. That is what a lot of missionaries do. Also, all my ties are done. This country is mean to all clothes but ties especially. If you guys could send me some cheap ties in about six months - my year - I'd really appreciate it.

The weather is super nice here right now. In a month or so we should have to start wearing sweaters as we work...wohoo! Sometimes it is still a touch hot but it is so much improved since my arrival. It has rained a few times, but nothing really different from Texas rain storms. I came after the major rain season so rain has been somewhat scarce. I like it :D. In a few months everything will be all dried up because it will stop raining all together. But at the same time, it will get into the forties, which is a dream. The weather here is pretty much exactly like the Gulf Coast. Not too bad for now.

I am so glad that I have a full weight set now. It has been great to really pump some iron to get back into the swing of things. I have no weight racks and my bench is sketchy, so I have found myself in some situations. Ok well I love you. I miss you guys and will see you in a little over a year and a half. Wow!

Elder Cryer

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