Tuesday, February 16, 2010

P-day (miss) adventure

Hello -

The reason I wasn't able to email yesterday is a long story. Here it goes:

All the missionaries in Tana went to some way cool waterfalls.
They were super duper awesome. I got some amazing pictures. After the
waterfalls, we all went and got some food from these little tiny
'restaurants'. It was a little bit gross, but w/e. Afterwards we
decided to go back to some gysers. The best part was the scenery. It was what I dreamed Mad would be like, something out of Jurassic Park. So cool, many pictures will be coming soon.

Because we wasted three hours coming out to these waterfalls, we started home really late. Then the tires on the van popped twice and we ran out of gas. Then our drivers weren't able to safely drive anymore so we got a new driver and new van, and the new
guy wouldn't even take us into Tana. It was so late when I got back that no busses were running and we had to stay at some other missionaries' house. The day was good, but horrible at the same time. Now I am very sunburned and tired. And emailing on a work day because the waterfall trip completely took over P-day. When we got back to
Tana, the mission office was closed so I couldn't even get my mail. Greatness. And I can't access my money b/c my ID is locked up.

The week went fairly well. Very, very fast indeed. I ran out of money
and out of food by Sunday, so that was fun. We tracted for a very
long time this week and got some cool, and strange investigators.

I have no clue what the gospel doctrine class is about. I am always in
the investigator class and that is hard for me to understand. Horn
says that they always get into major deep doctrine in meetings. As I
have observed Priesthood, they talk only about deep doctrine.

Well, some people outside the church don't like us. Some are stoked that we
know Malagasy. But there's bad feelings about big white guys sometimes.
We haven't been in a fight, exactly, but we have to be careful and watch our back. If I wasn't huge, there might be problems. Good fun.

Well, that's about all that happened this week. Kinda lame, I know. We
have a couple of baptisms coming up soon that I am very excited for.
In March we have about 8 scheduled so that should be fun.

I miss you guys and can't wait to chat in May!

Elder Cryer

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