Friday, December 18, 2009

MTC Hump Day

Hello everyone: Yes, I actually am dying to know what is going on in your lives. It fills me with immeasurable joy to know that people back home are still alive and rockin. I don’t know if this is a good thing and every missionary should have it, or if I am going crazy. Elder Evans says the latter.

On the singing note (aha) I am the ward chorister and resident karaoke-in-the-shower guy. While the Mongols were here we’d have six guys all taking a shower and singing Journey, Queen, The Temptations, O Holy Night, STYX, Guns and Roses, Bon Jovi, and even some Led Zeppelin. Sadly, I am often alone on the Led Zeppelin as it is a little bit too high for the average man. Ok, it’s Soprano level. Sometimes it disturbs the Frenchies, but the zone leaders are totally supportive of letting off steam when we sing in the shower.

I am going to send home my memory card today. It is absolutely impossible to send pictures through email like we use to be able to. I have the smaller memory card and I will just use that until you send back the big one. We’ll just keep exchanging until I get to the field.

Now that I’ve gone through a little bit of MTC I am beginning to realize that not only will I be a missionary, but also a community event planner. Apparently in Mad Ant, the whole town will show up to church talent shows, variety shows, showing of The Restoration DVD, and anything with a beat to it. I plan on using these methods and my talents to the best of my ability. All of these things I have learned have also showed me some cool things that you could do one the ward level, like advertising events and really putting a lot of effort in.

I sent it in an email earlier but I’m sending it again, please send my TOMs, skinny jeans, slip-ons, and maybe my Castro’s. The Castro’s are the tweed looking shoes made by Globe. I know you don’t want to send the skinny jeans but woman, I demand it! Just kiddin ;D. But seriously, please send. Also we need to consider the possibility of either sending me Whey Protein Powder here or in Mad Ant. All of the houses in which we live have blenders and apparently the bananas are the cat’s pajamas. Many missionaries have done this because it is almost impossible to keep weight on. Whenever we decide to send it, I won’t be using it till I get to Mad Ant.

Whenever you can send me my “official gift” is good for me. I don’t care. Though if my “official gift” is a bag of chips, I’m not sure why it would take so long. Thanks so much. I'm excited to hear about friends going on missions soon. Let me know right away.

They want me to start teaching grammar lessons on Monday. Yay. I know that none of this would be possible were it not for the Lord. This strength I’ve found with languages is not mine, but something obviously given to me. I know that it is my duty to help my fellow missionaries and to be the best missionary I can be as soon as I get to the field. Since the language learning process has begun, I’ve toyed with picking up other languages like Indonesian or French. Maybe becoming a linguist is in my future. Who knows but the Lord? Malagasy is an extremely long language, multi syllable, for every word. The Lord blesses me in mysterious ways. I am pretty sure I use the 'myserious ways' thing for everything even when it's not applicable.

On Tuesday we had member of the Seventy come. His name is Elder Maynes. He had some great things to share with us. On Tuesday night me, Alboroto, Nautu, and Kunzler all had a sleep over in the Mongols room. Half of them left on Tuesday and the other half left on Wednesday. They are having major visa problems and all of the missionaries headed for Mongolia in the past six months have been reassigned till it is sorted out. It was very sad when they left. They became some of my best friends in such a short time. All of us (Malagasies, Indos, and Mongols) are planning a giant trip to Hawaii, Texas, Utah, and then London for the 2012 games after the mission. It should be fun ;D.

That sucks about the weather there. I tell everyone it may not be temperature cold in Texas but it is so humid that it feels really cold. It's been down as low as 11-12 degrees but it hasn't been that bad, not as bad as rainy cold at home.

Well I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and New Years. I'll talk to you guys eventually. I really enjoyed the time I had with you guys before I left. Those smart-wool socks you gave me are the best, fantastic! send more! Write me, think of me, and eat tasty food. I love you all.

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